Topic: Boy builds clock but it is suspected to be a bomb.
Title: Student builds clock, is Cuffed For Bomb Hoax, and Ends Up Invited To The White House
Source: Student Builds Clock, Is Cuffed for Bomb Hoax, and Ends Up Invited to White House – The New York Times

Summary: Boy in Irving Texas builds a clock that was suspected to be a bomb. Ahmed Mohamed, 14, a freshman at MacArthur High School was not charged with anything. Some suspect that he was questioned about the clock because of his religion. President Obama invited Ahmed to the White House to show him his clock. Ahmed will be going to the White House in October to show his clock to President Obama.

Reaction: My first reaction was, “How did they think a clock was a bomb?” Until I saw the picture. It honestly does look like a bomb, and it’s probably a good thing the authorities checked him out. Although I do think he should have been able to contact his parents while in the police station. I think this was sort of an overreaction, but also necessary in some ways. The poor kid just wanted to show off his invention, but got accused of something ridiculous. If it had been a bomb though, the authorities would’ve needed to take it up.

How it affects the world: This affects the world by showing how crazy people can think and how fast someone can assume something that isn’t true. It shows however that people are ready to act on danger as fast as they can which is a good thing. This shows us that we are somewhat paranoid and always on the lookout for things like this. The authorities don’t need to be so quick to arrest someone unless there is a serious threat. I am glad though that they were prepared and ready for a bomb, if it was one.