Topic: Obama changes the name of Mt. McKinley.

Title: Obama to rename tallest U.S. peak in historic Alaska visit

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Summary: President Obama decided to change the name of the tallest mountain, Mt McKinley to Denali because native alaskans have wanted it to be changed. Obama’s visit to Alaska is also historic because he will be the first sitting U.S. president to visit the arctic. The park around the mountain was originally named Denali but the Mountain itself was still called McKinley till now. Obama will also address the climate changes that Alaska is facing and offer solutions for them. Later this year he will address the problem of global warming.


Reaction: I’m not exactly sure why Obama changed the name of the mountain, or why it was necessary. I know the natives to that area used to call it that, but it was already named. Him trying to solve the problem of Global Warming is good. It is also good that he is visiting Alaska, and trying to please the people, but it’s been named Mt. McKinley for a while. So my reaction was wondering why he changed the name.


How it affects the world: This affects the world by people having to change what they know. They have to change the highest mountain in the U.S, that they know as McKinley, to Denali. If Obama can help prevent Global warming in his upcoming studies, that can help the world and especially Alaska. Overall this name change affects the history of Alaska.