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Month: September 2015

Current event

Topic: Fan Wakes up from coma and watches Roger Federer
Title: Roger Federer Fan Wakes from 11-Year Coma to Watch Idol in US Open Final
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Summary: Jesus Aparicio was in a car crash and was in a coma for 11 years. He was a big Roger Federer fan. When he went into the coma Roger Federer was 23rd with only 4 grand slam titles. Aparicio woke up on August 27 this year and Federer was one of the first things he remembered. Aparicio thought that Federer had retired, and when he found the news that he hadn’t he turned him on and watched the final match of the US open on September 13. Federer is now number 2 and has won 17 grand slam titles. Aparicio was surprised to see him play well but glad to watch him.

Reaction: I thought it was pretty cool that he was in a coma for 11 years and suddenly woke up and wanted to watch Roger Federer play tennis. I thought it was pretty crazy that he remembered him so quickly after he woke up. Federer has improved so much during the 11 years Aparicio was in the coma and I think it’s cool that his fan can watch him again. It’s also amazing that he woke up after being in a coma for 11 long years. This made me happy.

How it affects the world: This doesn’t affect the world much but it shows that people can wake up from comas and remember some of their favorite things. It also gives hope to families that have loved ones still in comas, that there is a chance that they would wake up and live a normal life.

Current event

Topic: Boy builds clock but it is suspected to be a bomb.
Title: Student builds clock, is Cuffed For Bomb Hoax, and Ends Up Invited To The White House
Source: Student Builds Clock, Is Cuffed for Bomb Hoax, and Ends Up Invited to White House – The New York Times

Summary: Boy in Irving Texas builds a clock that was suspected to be a bomb. Ahmed Mohamed, 14, a freshman at MacArthur High School was not charged with anything. Some suspect that he was questioned about the clock because of his religion. President Obama invited Ahmed to the White House to show him his clock. Ahmed will be going to the White House in October to show his clock to President Obama.

Reaction: My first reaction was, “How did they think a clock was a bomb?” Until I saw the picture. It honestly does look like a bomb, and it’s probably a good thing the authorities checked him out. Although I do think he should have been able to contact his parents while in the police station. I think this was sort of an overreaction, but also necessary in some ways. The poor kid just wanted to show off his invention, but got accused of something ridiculous. If it had been a bomb though, the authorities would’ve needed to take it up.

How it affects the world: This affects the world by showing how crazy people can think and how fast someone can assume something that isn’t true. It shows however that people are ready to act on danger as fast as they can which is a good thing. This shows us that we are somewhat paranoid and always on the lookout for things like this. The authorities don’t need to be so quick to arrest someone unless there is a serious threat. I am glad though that they were prepared and ready for a bomb, if it was one.

current events

Topic: Girl is said to be smarter than Albert Einstein.

Title: British 12-Year-old smarter than Einstein, Hawking

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Summary: A british 12 year old girl named Lydia Sebastian achieved a top score of 162 on Mensa’s Cattel III B paper which suggests she has a higher IQ than Einstein. The top score on the test before Lydia was 161. Lydia is in the top 2% score. This score put her in the top 1% of the world. People on average with high IQs only score about 148.


Reaction: My reaction was, “ Wow this girl is smart.” To be a twelve year old that is smarter than Einstein blew my mind. Also scoring in the top 1% of the world is fantastic. Overall my reaction was shock and amazement. I thought it was awesome how a 12 year old was so smart.


How it affects the world: As she grows and becomes more intelligent she could create groundbreaking ideas. She could become the smartest individual ever and invent many amazing things. She might be able to come up with cures for diseases or other things. This affects the world by showing us that an intelligent girl is coming and could do great things.


Current Events

Topic: Obama changes the name of Mt. McKinley.

Title: Obama to rename tallest U.S. peak in historic Alaska visit

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Summary: President Obama decided to change the name of the tallest mountain, Mt McKinley to Denali because native alaskans have wanted it to be changed. Obama’s visit to Alaska is also historic because he will be the first sitting U.S. president to visit the arctic. The park around the mountain was originally named Denali but the Mountain itself was still called McKinley till now. Obama will also address the climate changes that Alaska is facing and offer solutions for them. Later this year he will address the problem of global warming.


Reaction: I’m not exactly sure why Obama changed the name of the mountain, or why it was necessary. I know the natives to that area used to call it that, but it was already named. Him trying to solve the problem of Global Warming is good. It is also good that he is visiting Alaska, and trying to please the people, but it’s been named Mt. McKinley for a while. So my reaction was wondering why he changed the name.


How it affects the world: This affects the world by people having to change what they know. They have to change the highest mountain in the U.S, that they know as McKinley, to Denali. If Obama can help prevent Global warming in his upcoming studies, that can help the world and especially Alaska. Overall this name change affects the history of Alaska.


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